Coriander (Alleppy) 100g


We offer the finest quality dhania with refreshing lemony flavor and a decent aroma. We offer 100% organic naturally processed dhania?s procured from the villages of kerala. If you are looking for one in premier quality, we will deliver you with ground fresh aromatic dhania in our air tight soft pouch at the most fair rate.

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Coriander also named as Chinese parsley or dhania.It is a very ancient herbs. It gives dishes a warm aromatic and slightly citrus flavor. They are commonly used in Indian cooking as well as Asian, middle eastern and Mediterranean dishes.(courtesy: It is a common ingredient in curry powder?s , curries, sausages, pickle stews , sauces and regional garam masala?s.

The south Indian dishes Rasam and sambhar will be incomplete without the use of this tiny seed or it?s powder. It is advisable to store in an opaque tightly sealed container to maintain its freshness. (Courtesy ( These seeds are also known for its medicinal values. The essential oil extracted from seeds is used as a herbal remedy and dietary supplements. Having seeds regularly helps in regulating blood sugar levels. It is also known for its anti bacterial and fungal properties. (Courtesy (

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