Banana Chips 100g


If you are craving to have tasty crispy banana chips with the unique taste of Kerala we are here to provide you with premium quality content. We offer the best quality chips made from farm fresh banana?s fried in natural coconut oil. Our product is free from any artificial preservation?s and coloring agents. We deliver the product in an air tight soft pouch which helps in maintaining its freshness and quality. We ensures you that the pack containing exotic content will be delivered to you at the most favorable rate

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Malabar chips is a crispy snack from Kerala made by frying fresh banana?s in pure natural coconut oil. The exotic taste of salted fried banana?s is so addicting and remarkable. Malabar chips is one of the most demanded snack from kerala. Its fame has reached all ends of the world. It is also one of the first served dish in the famous kerala sadhya a feast of traditional vegetarian dishes.

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